Sunset Vale Saga

The Destruction Of Corm Orp

Sunset Vale Saga #24

Aeron stood before Sahila in careful thought. Corm Orp was in danger. The gnoll horde led by Ghostaxe, the Last Alpha was moving towards the small hamlet. But he also had a new responsibility to consider.

Finally, he stated his choice of what type of druidic tradition he wished to follow. Sahila nodded and told him that he should go to the Circle Of Standing Stones. Arcturus had a vision of her mother, Shadra, there after drinking water from the Wellspring. If Aeron did the same, Shadra would be able to advise him on the proper rites of passage.

But first the party set out with Syl to investigate the Fey Crossroads depicted in etched relief on Aeron’s scimitars, and whereabouts of Filverus and the mysterious archer cloaked in white feathers seen protecting him. Aerith, set out on his own towards Corm Orp, as he could cover the great distance quickly and beat the gnolls there, warning the residents in time.

“Be safe, cousin,” Neiriel told Aerith. “Do not try to fight ”/wikis/Ghostaxe/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Ghostaxe on your own."
“Only if I have to.” Neiriel gave Aerith a sending stone, and then he was off.

When the party arrived at the Fey Crossroads, they found a score of freshly killed Red Fang gnolls. All signs pointed to Filverus crossing safely into the Feywild, but apart from the white-fletched arrows sticking from the bodies of her victims, there was no sign of the mysterious bow-woman in white.

Using his newly acquired power over death, Arcturus spoke with one of the dead gnolls as best he could with Neiriel’s translations. The interrogation yielded some further intelligence to the party regarding the current movements of the gnoll tribes and Ghostaxe, the last Alpha.

The party made their way towards the Circle Of Standing Stones now, backtracking through the Guardian’s Grove as the sun began to set. When the party arrived, night had fallen. Everyone drank the sacred water from the Wellspring, but only a few could hold it long enough to see the vision of Shadra in their minds. The party explained to the vision the need to go to Corm Orp as soon as possible to save the residents of the hamlet from the gnoll horde bearing down on the unsuspecting village.

After Aeron proved his understanding of the connection all things have to each other in this world, Shadra explained to him the oldest form of cooperative magic in the Realms is within the Circle Of Standing Stones. With the help of his companions Arcturus, Neiriel, and Varia, Aeron was able to channel a powerful nature magic far beyond his normal capabilities to open a portal in a nearby tree that lead to another tree in Corm Orp. Quickly the party stepped through, finally parting ways with Syl.

The party arrived at a small fruit orchard near The Ladyhouse, the temple to the halfling goddess of nature, agriculture, music, and romance, Sheela Peryroyl. Neiriel contacted Aerith and let him know the party made it to Corm Orp. Aerith briefed Neiriel on the composition and the gnoll horde and their estimated numbers. Meanwhile, Arcturus and Toggel set off to rouse the residents, and the rest of the party found Old Lady Macanaster and informed her of the dire situation. She quickly summoned the mayor of Corm Orp, Dumar Marsk.

Lady Macanaster, Mayor Marsk, and the party evaluated the options and came to agree that a full evacuation south, following the base of the Sunset Mountains towards the ruins of Hluthvar was the safest option for the residents. Miriel was also able to convince Lady Macanaster to send a message to an old gnome wizard friend she knew in Hardbuckler, and have him teleport Bree Topplebottle and the giant mecha-eagle Furious directly to Corm Orp in order to assist.

Mayor Marsk informed the guards of the gnoll danger and the evacuation plan, and then dispatched them to inform the residents of both. After a few hours, the hundreds of families that called Corm Orp their home had packed themselves, their loved ones, and whatever valuables they could carry or cart. The party was given free leave of whatever they needed from the hamlet’s armory to defend the settlement or waylay the horde as they saw fit. Then without ceremony or circumstance, Lady Macanaster and Mayor Marsk led their fellow villagers into the dark foothills of the Sunset Mountains.

The hamlet was empty now, save for the brave adventurers willing to face Ghostaxe, the Last Alpha, and his horde.



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