Sunset Vale Saga


Sunset Vale Saga #4

Thanks to everyone for the great session today . And thanks to Kev for the food and hosting.

A few points that may have gotten missed during the session, in reverse chronological order.

- The Hive Queen calls herself Izz.
- The fountain room with no markings or adornment has a statue of the long lost (as in dead for tens of thousands of years) mate of Helm.
- Tower #1 (the one with the falling trap) had a secret room that was full of archery equipment and healing potions.
- Tower #2 (the one with the high priest’s chamber) had a secret chamber under the chapel alter full of clerical scrolls.
- Tower #3 (the one with all the silver magnifying glass daggers) had a secret room that was full of melee weapons and even more healing potions.
- Tower #4 (the one with the star pattern and no stairs) has yet to be explored.
- On a clear day, the Zhentarim stronghold of Darkhold can be seen from the top of the temple.
- The blue gemstones found throughout the temple are sapphires.



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