Sunset Vale Saga

A Game Of Gnomes And Shadows

Sunset Vale Saga #21

It began to rain as Neiriel woke to consciousness and opened her eyes to see the gnome called Toggel take his weapon and blow the back of Arcturus’s head out.

Varia drew her rapier, What is the meaning of this?!

It will be fine. He’ll be back in a moment. He always comes back.

Aeron returned to the clearing, just as there was a dark flash and a black orb of energy surrounded Arcturus’s body. The rain bent around the ominous sphere, as if repelled by whatever was inside. Finally, it dissipated in a whirlwind of gray energy, leaving only Arcturus, as he was before he arrived … except this time he is clutching the Scales of Final Judgement, the holy symbol of Kelemvor, Judge of the Dead.

I do not think Svelvara likes me.

With Arcturus looking none the worse for his ordeal, Aeron returned, and Neiri recovered, Miri confronted Ziv on his actions that brought about the calamitous fight. He revealed everything of his past with his family as Aerith Malveen, his life as a slave in the Shadowfell to the Shar-worshipping Netherese, his escape back to Toril, and the discovery of his true heritage as an aasimar. That’s when Toggel explained the basic history of the Netherese to the party. But Toggel had a confession too.

Arcturus … I met a girl while I was away. It delayed me getting back.

Aeron also revealed his own personal revelation and his re-commitment to ridding the forest of the gnolls. We need an alpha. We need a leader.

The rest of the party was open to discussing the idea, but did not come to a consensus. They instead agreed to move towards the safety of the shrine of Mystra and camped there, where they would be warded against any undead.

As the party camped, the mechanical bird Furious kept watch in the sky, Aerith scouted the perimeter keeping watch out for any more undead wraith women, which there were. But the faceless specters kept their distance from the shrine. Meanwhile, Varia summoned a celestial steed, the winged lioness Elsa, to her side to aid her in her campaign against evil. All the while Miri studied her mother’s spellbook, and discovered she could adapt the magic to her own use, but slowly. As she was, Miri started receiving mental messages from Bree in Hill’s Edge. Things were not going well with the Cackle Fever epidemic, and she wished to meet up with the party outside the city to get their help. However, the quarantine would make that almost impossible unless they found another way in. The party agreed that heading to Hill’s Edge looking for signs of gnolls along the way would be as good a plan as any.

When dawn arrived, a curious young dryad approached the sleepy camp. Aeron and Miri were awake and Aeron met the dryad. She seemed young and flighty and just amazed with being alive in the woods. She also had no memory of anything really, as she was only born a few hours ago from the tree that dead Jordan was buried at the root of. Aeron decided to wander with her to her home oak tree, where she presented him with the White Pearl of Power and the Sapphire Elemental Gem Of Air that was once Jordan’s. Aeron decided to name the fey dryad Syl, to which she agreed.

Meanwhile, Miri got worried about what was taking Aeron so long to get back and enlisted Neiri to help find him. After about an hour, they found him returning back to the shrine with Sil following behind happily. That party decided at that point to leave the shrine of Mystra and work their way north through the Reaching Woods towards Hill’s Edge, first stopping by the former lair of the Mother Of All Hunger, and then to head to the Wellspring Of Serenity. And with that the party broke camp to prepare for their long journey north.



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