Aerith Nightstar (Ziv)



Home: None (formerly Malveen Manor)
City: None (formerly Selgaunt)
Country: None (formerly Sembia)
Region: None (formerly Interior Faerun)
Plane: Toril (recently Shadowfell)

“Father”: Nicolino Malveen (Human)
Father: Ecanus, the scion of the deva Oris
Mother: Neirishana Nightstar (Moon Elf)
Sister: Arecaryn (Aasimar)
“Uncle”: Kruben Malveen (Human)
Friend: Alton Vandree (Drow)
“Cousin”: Dar-Gar-Uus Omn (Gloaming)

Fellow pupil/rival: Cyran Nox (Human)
Teacher: Dark Mother Abbess Daxia Moonfall

Lector of Helm: Valter Kenric

Being born into a noble house of Sembia holds advantages and disadvantages. My memories until age five are sparse and uneventful. Being well fed and waited on is a luxury that most would envy. However, there is always a price to pay for luxury. Vague recollections of my father exist but mostly I remember the servants assigned to me. Of my mother, I have no memories. I was told she left when I was born. For a long time I hoped that she would return for me but I have come to the conclusion that she is most likely dead. Why else would she not have saved me from what was to come?
My only other family was my older sister. I remember very little of her but what I do remember is love. If not for her, I would not have known that emotion.
At age eight my world changed. That is an understatement. My loving sister disappeared. Shortly after that, my father, to prove his devotion to Shar, sent me to become a servant to the Shadovar of the Netherese Empire. I later discovered that my father had sacrificed my sister to Shar in an obscene ritual and my indoctrination into the Order of the Dark Moon was a secondary part to the deal made by my father.
My years of training were anything but luxury. My lack of sorcerous power would have had me removed from the Order if not for my exceptional skills in all other aspects of training. Eventually, when they were sufficiently convinced that I had accepted my place, I was allowed more freedom. That is not to say I was free but I was allowed movement with minimal surveillance.
Around my sixteenth year of life, talk began involving certain Rites of Passage that I would be expected to perform. If my eight years in Order had taught me anything, I did not want to be around to perform them. I began to look for a way to escape.
The Shadovar didn’t worry about keeping track of me. For all they knew, I was a promising student. And if for some reason I decided to forge out into the Shadowfell, my chances of survival were not worth worrying about. The world of Shadowfell is a dismal place and few survive in it.
I was fortunate to cross paths with a group of exiles who took me in and taught me how to survive. Together we made a nomadic life for ourselves, sometimes traveling in the UnderDark to trade for supplies. The leader of the group was a drow by the name of Alton Vandree. He became a father figure to me and we shared many hours conversing over many a subject.
After ten years with the exiles, my life was ripped apart again. We had just encountered a Shadow and I was severely injured during the fight. After the fight we retreated back to our camp to recuperate. I did not stay at the camp long before my wounds were discovered to be more serious than our group to handle. My only hope was to be taken to a healer Alton knew. The journey took three days and my condition worsened.
I awoke five days after the fight in a dim room. My wounds were healed and I found Alton sitting by my bed. He told me I had been barely alive when we arrived but I had made a full recovery and we would be able to return to our friends that afternoon.
What we encountered when we returned to our camp was the scene of a massacre. All our friends were dead. Among our dead were a score of Shadovar warriors. My past had finally caught up to me.
It was at this point I decided that I needed to leave the Shadowfell. I asked Alton if he would accompany me to Toril. He told me that since we were the only people left of our group, we had to stick together. He did warn me that once he got me back to my birth plane, he would most likely find a nice quiet cave in the UnderDark and “retire”.
It took me two years to find my way back to the surface of Toril. But this tale has gone on for long enough. Let me end this by saying that this morning I saw something I barely remembered. Dawn. And my new beginning awaits…

Aerith Nightstar (Ziv)

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