San'dorial Xiloscient


The Xiloscients are an old elvish family, and can trace their lineage back as far as writing existed. They have always been associated with the high elvish courts, and with that association comes natural power and wealth. Their trade lies in jewels and gem crafting; San’dorial’s father Udoriol is the current guild master. While San is familiar with these things, he never really took the time to learn them proficiently and instead developed a love for ancient arcana. San attended the same wizarding school as Miriel Alastrarra (Miri) until she ran away, a fact of which she may be unaware. Where she struggled, San excelled and graduated quickly. Since then, San has been adventuring for a few years now seeking out arcane secrets on his own. More than once he’s fallen into the wrong hands but his quick wits and mastery of certain spells leads him to an easy escape more often than not.
Never the fighter, San is usually upbeat and has good intentions. Any haughtiness he may possess is based in childish ignorance rather than true disdain. He understands etiquette and cordiality very well, but he’d rather be digging through archives than socializing
His arcane focus is a gift from his mother, a brooch with the family crest inlaid into the gem.
This brooch stands out against a once regal and high quality, but now well-worn and dirty cloak which he loves as it was a gift from his sister before she left for the Fey.
These two objects are irreplaceable to San. To make coin San sells his dungeon crawling skills to the thieves guild, as “the elf who can get you in”. The thieves guild usually pays a high price for less than dangerous work, and San suspects that this is in part due to his father’s influence as a guild master himself. Of course he has no proof of this, but the thought still angers him.

San’dorial joined the group of SVS adventurers with a fighter named Ryton Skatterhawk, with the goal of finding a weapon to bring back to Cormyr. After the fight with Adros Marwood and Ethylene Elskerinde where Ryton was slain, San’dorial was disgusted. To him, it was selfish and careless action which started the fight and led to the deaths of two party members. While he was trapped in a cage with Varia he noticed two things; first being that the party did not cooperate or coordinate as well as he thought, and second that they were only concerned with themselves and not eachother. The final blow to his faith in the group was, for him, when Varia tried to strike him for preventing her from playing into her brother Adros’ hands as he capitalized on her naivete and passion.

In the aftermath of the fight with these observations revealed, San’dorial picked up the body of his fallen comrade Ryton and made his way into the forest. As he was leaving the last words he said were to Miri:

“Miri these people don’t care about you, their reckless action will get you killed. Come home with me.”

She refused, and with a sad resignation San’dorial left.

His current whereabouts to the party are unknown, but it is presumed that he is making his way back towards Cormyr to bury Ryton and give to the family Qheldin’s Gold Scimitar Of Sharpness so Ryton’s mission was accomplished and his sacrifice not in vain.

San'dorial Xiloscient

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