Neiriel Nightsong

Folk Hero, Archer


Home: Nightsong Lodge
Village: Hollow Creek
Country: Deepingdale
Region: The Dalelands
Plane: Toril

Father: Evandur Nightsong (nee’ Nightstar – Half-elf)
Mother: Jhessail Nightsong (nee’ Hawksong – Half-elf)
Sister: Alastra Nightsong (Bard, Half-elf)
Brothers: Robarion Nightsong, Theris Nightsong, Daxis Nightsong, Davian Nightsong, Farnis Nightsong, Erevan Nightsong, and Iandan Nightsong. (Half-elves)
Grandmother: Lialeth Nightstar (Moon Elf)
Long Lost Grandmother: Tiatha Hawksong (Moon Elf)
Cousin: Aerith Malveen (Ziv)

Teacher/Family Friend: “Uncle” Duncan (Human)


Neiriel Nightsong is the youngest child of Evandur & Jhessail Nightsong.

Being the youngest it seems she might have been overlooked. It might have felt that way at times. While her grandmother Lia seemed to keep a pretty close eye on her, she never tried to “parent” you. Your father and mother took care of that. Neiriel always struck everyone as a girl and young woman that didn’t need a whole lot of parenting. They did treat her like a child- but only when she was very young, perhaps this is what goes along with the stigma of being the youngest. But once she ventured into the forest all on her own for the first time, it seemed apparent to all that the time for treating her like a child had ended – a rite of passage perhaps – it seemed so.

Neiriel’s father is the defector mayor of Hollow Creek. His business is running the Nightsong Trading Post and Lodge. He has lots of trading contacts and knows a lot about the world outside of Deepingdale, and the Dalelands in general.
Neiriel was involved in the Hunting Lodge aspect of the family business. Indeed, that was the primary responsibility of your mentor Duncan. He helped your father run that side of things, and you in turn helped him. If the Lord of Highmoon was hosting dignitaries, or maybe distant relatives from other nations, he may from time to time ask your father to use the lodge. Duncan would make sure the immediate surrounding around the lodge were relatively safe and mark the game trails and keep whatever hunts organized and moving along. Neiriel’s father made the decisions, but the day-to-day was taken care of by Duncan when he was around.
Neiriel helped out Duncan and learned from him all the ways of the woods.He took a particular interest in her – and pretty much took her under his wing. He seemed fond of her, though he would admit no such thing. And your parents and grandmother seemed to take a hands-off approach to teaching you. When Duncan was not around, you would aptly fill in and do everything he would do.
Neiriel’s other favorite person was her Grandma Lia She gave more attention to Neiriel than her other grandchildren. It might have been because Neiri sought it out – but it seemed to be something more than that. She would talk about and take an interest in whatever Neiriel was interested in at the time – what was going on in Neiriel’ s life and what she cared about seemed of most interest to her. She was known to get strange visitors from faraway lands, or obscure races. And they would be social and civil and when asked where they were from, they would say so, and you would remember it would always be somewhere you or your father never heard of. SO, Neiri would have gone to Duncan, and he would have heard of wherever it was and tell you a little bit about it.
There was a woman who would always come on the first day of the month to trade with my grandmother only. She was older, and I always got the sense there was something more to their interactions. Whenever I would ask my grandmother about it – she would brush it aside as if it were nothing. So one day I decided to find out for myself – I waited all day hidden in my grandmother’s room, on the day I knew that the woman would appear. They both came in deep in conversation – speaking of warding spell, and charms or protection and prosperity. Candles were lit – and words were said, I was confused – but I knew something was happening. The woman looked directly at my hiding place as she said every word – with a look of amusement on her face. Then it appeared they were done. As the woman went to leave she whispered to my grandmother – and I was caught. i knew my grandmother was skilled in the art of magic – but when asked if she would instruct us – she would always say “Maybe when you are a little bit older”
Neiriel’s father played a subtle role in preventing conquest and tyranny in his non-adventuring years. By helping to establish better trade relations it encouraged dialogue and a somewhat vested interest in all foreign parties to prevent one person from seizing absolute power.
Neiriel’s mother’s birthday was approaching, and her father as a surprise sent Alastra, Neiriel and Alastra’s friend Bree on a mission to retrieve some of the finest pork, my mother’s favorite, from Bree’s hometown of Corm Orp.
The last thing Duncan and Neiriel did, before my “deceptive” journey began, was that he taught her how to find ingredients in the woods that can be used in spells. Leaves, branches, a pinch of dirt. All can be useful, if you know the right wilderness magic trick. Rangers don’t so much teach and learn magic as much as they sort of figure it out for themselves. They figure out how to use bits and pieces of nature that they come across to do their brand of magic. “Take some dirt, rub it on your legs, and if you do it right, you’ll be able to run twice as far as you normally would, kid.” Pieces of wisdom that only being out in nature itself can teach you how to do. Duncan loved the forest dearly – It took care of him, and he took care of it. Neiriel shares that love.
After arriving in Corm Orp and meeting with the party it seemed obvious that Alastra was in no hurry to get home to the family. There was a bit of a heated argument between the siblings – where Alastra finally admitted that she had purposely, at the instruction of our father, been told to keep me away from the Dalelands, and protected. She took her leave of us after that – knowing the party would watch over me.
Later we learned of the Shadovar invasion of the Dales – and the Netherese. My family is missing – except for my new found cousin Aerith (Ziv), who saw “our” Grandmother safe in Evereska at the Halfway Inn by looking into the Wellspring pools.
Neirel’s hope is to be able to reunite with her family and defend the Dalelands from the Shadovar-Sembia incursion…but her family sent her away, abandoned her, this thought is constantly in the back of her mind.

Neiriel Nightsong

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