Miriel Alastrarra (Miri)

Arcane Trickster


Home City: Baldur’s Gate (formerly Evereska)
Region: Faerun
Plane: Toril

Father: Maidhon (High Elf, Sun; Wizard)
Mother: Geleth (High Elf, Sun; Wizard), deceased
Friends: Eliza (Human; Burglar), deceased
Mikal (Half-Elf; Smuggler), deceased
Criminal Contact: Mira Zawed (Human; Free Lance Treasure Acquirer)

From Evereska, reclusive colony (fortress) whose elven knights, wizards, and tomb guardians are almost world renowned for lack of humor. The only non-elves allowed in are half elves that are high born on the elven side, whose forbiddance would cause an incident, and Harper Agents.(Family’s seal and arms colors are falcon volant; sky blue and ivory.)
Mother (Geleth), who died during childbirth, bequeathed upon her an elvish name meaning jewel or prized possession. Miri is an only child. She grew up with her father (Maidhon) who is bookish scholar. Miri was largely bored throughout her early life and never found herself fitting in with the high elves around her. When she came of age, she decided to leave to find a more exciting life. She used magic and secret ways through the city to escape. While struggling through her newly found freedom, she ran into Mikal (a half elf) that introduces her to the criminal lifestyle. She finds this suits her well, as she has always had a high regard for pretty and unique objects. Mikal is a smuggler.
Mikal introduces her to Eliza (a human), and they live and work together. Mikal as the smuggler, Eliza as the burgler, and MIri as the fence. They are her two best and closest friends.They lived together and owned a small curio show in Baldur’s Gate. Miri’s job was to make the arrangements, as the fence, handling negotiations, lining up buyers carefully, and appraising acquisitions. It was the most fun she had ever had, until one day – she thought she had done the work and was negotiating with a regular buyer; she lined Eliza up to procure an object that she did not believe to be THAT valuable, but it was. Eliza arrived at the meeting point to find that the regular buyer was not there; he didn’t make it. However, someone or something was there to meet him.
Eliza barely made it out alive. she managed to survive long enough to make it back, nearly dying in the process. The loss of blood and the sheer terror of what she encountered made her unaware that whatever “IT” was followed him back. Inadvertently, she lead it right to where Mikal and Miri were working. They were both slaughtered before Miri’s eyes. Miri almost escaped, but the darkness was everywhere. The creatures were going to consume Miri and then she would be nothing. However, Mira came along and plucked her from certain death.

Miriel Alastrarra (Miri)

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